Chris Brown Turns Down Plea Deal In DC Assault Case

Chris Brown Turns Down Plea Deal In DC Assault Case

R&B singer Chris Brown has rejected an offer for a plea deal in his Washington, DC assault case on Wednesday, according to the latest reports surrounding the singer. The incident in question occurred in DC in October, but Chris has turned down a simple assault deal in the matter.

According to reports, Chris and his bodyguard Christopher Hollosy got into a fight outside of the W Hotel on October 27th. Afterward, the duo were charged with felony assault, but the charges ended up being reduced to misdemeanors.

The prosecutors in the case offered up a deal that would lessen the misdemeanor assault charge if he only agreed to plead guilty to simple assault. Despite the prosecution’s best efforts, Chris’ attorney Mark Geragos, advised his client not to accept the deal. He said that the reasoning behind this was because he believed that Chris is innocent. In addition to all of that, the lawyer is awaiting surveillance footage of the incident in question.

As you may already know, Chris still happens to be on probation for the 2009 assault of pop singer Rihanna. Afterward, Chris did not receive jail time, but was ordered to pay fines, be on probation, do random drug testing and enter into anger management classes.

Chris is due to return to court on February 20th in order to set a date for the trial. Stay tuned to Earsucker for the latest updates on this story as they are made available.

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