CHRIS BROWN’S Assault Trial To Start Monday In Washington, DC

CHRIS BROWN'S Assault Trial To Start Monday In Washington, DC

R&B singer Chris Brown is set to go to court in Washington, DC for his assault case. He had appeared in court on Friday in front of Judge Patricia Wynn and she advised him to return next week to begin the proceedings.

Prosecutors in the case claim that 20-year-old Parker Adams was punched in the nose by Chris and his bodyguard Chris Hollosy. According to the documents, Parker was trying to get a picture with the rapper along with two other women. The alleged incident took place outside of a trendy hotel in the nation’s capital in October 2013.

The lawyers for the defendants claim that Parker jumped in the middle of Chris’ picture taking with two female fans. Prosecutors claim it was at that time that Chris and his bodyguard attacked Parker. Lawyers for Chris’ bodyguard questioned Parker’s side of the story because of a $3 million civil suit that he has waged against Chris Brown and the bodyguard Chris Hollosy.

As you may already know, Chris was already on probation for the assault of his former girlfriend Rihanna. That took place in 2009 right before the Video Music Awards. Chris did no jail time as a result, but received fines, community service and four years of probation.

If convicted of this offense, prosecutors will see to it that his probation in that case is revoked. If convicted, the rapper could face up to six months in jail in addition to a fine of $1,000. Appearing in court on Friday, alongside his pal Bow Wow, his mother and former girlfriend Karrueche Tran, the judge instructed Chris to appear on Monday for the trial to commence.

Since being in trouble for his 2009 assault, Chris has been in and out of rehab facilities in order to deal with his anger management issues. He was recently booted from rehab after it was said that he was getting close to the ladies who were also there to receive treatment.

Reportedly, Chris and his bodyguard’s defense centers around the idea that they felt that they were protecting themselves from Parker’s alleged intrusion on their tour bus. Judge Wynn still has until Monday to rule against Chris Hollosy because of his involvement in the matter. She stated, “I have to be confident about my verdict. I need to take my time.”

Her verdict for Hollosy is expected to be read before Brown’s trial begins. Stay tuned to Earsucker for the latest.

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