Chris Brown’s Probation Revoked Following Nightclub Shooting

Chris Brown Probation Revoked

Perennial scumbag Chris Brown has had his probation revoked. A Los Angeles judge removed Brown’s probation on Thursday following his involvement in a nightclub shooting where five people were shot and wounded.

Chris Brown traveled to the nightclub without consent and was on scene during the illegal activity.

Brown appeared at the probation hearing with his girlfriend and his mother. He was not taken into custody, but rather ordered back to court on March 20.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge James R. Brandlin asked the probation department to look into the shooting to determine if Chris Brown had any part in the event.

Brown was offering up a private performance at a birthday bash in the Fiesta Nightclub in San Jose on Sunday. Brown was performing his song, “Loyal,” when an altercation resulted in gunshots.

Following the shooting Brown told his fans on Twitter “I’m 100,” referring to the fact that he was 100% fine after others were injured.

Los Angeles district attorney spokesman Jane Robison said Brown violated a provision that barred him from leaving Los Angeles County without permission from the court.

Brown is still 200 of 1,000 hours short on his community service.

[Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi]

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