Chris Harrison Discusses Ben Flajnik’s ‘Bachelor’ Season

Chris Harrison Discusses Ben Flajnik's 'Bachelor' Season

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison has discussed Ben Flajnik’s season on the show and says that it has “its own feel”. As you may already know, the show’s season sixteen finale airs tonight and the host said that the show could be summed as “edgy, controversial and definitely not warm and fuzzy.”

What’s not warm and fuzzy about Courtney Robertson’s shenanigans in order to win the show?

He said, “It doesn’t compare at all to other seasons. It’s more competitive, darker and has raised a lot of debate and outrage from viewers. Ben was taken aback by the public outcry and the anger he’s faced. The Courtney thing was not easy for him to endure.”

Still, the host revealed that the season has been a real chance for Ben to find love. He said, “For him to go through so much trouble and pain, unless he’s a masochist, definitely leads me to believe he wants to find love. A lesser guy – or a guy who didn’t care – would have checked out a long time ago. But he fought like hell the entire time and ended up with a final two he really connected with and cared about.”

Will you be watching tonight’s season finale of the show?

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