Christina Aguilera Becoming A Diva On ‘The Voice’?

Christina Aguilera is said to be taking her diva attitude to new heights on her new show, The Voice.

Reportedly, the singer is upsetting her co-judge, Adam Levine with her so-called “I’m above it all” attitude. The crew has also noticed her diva ways and have commented that they “can’t stand” her.

A source on the production staff on the show disagrees with the recent rumors, calling Christina “normal”. The staffer rebuffs the diva reports, saying that Christina has only asked for a bottle of water. That doesn’t sound like diva behavior to me.

The source said, “I was actually surprised how normal she was. She hasn’t been difficult, that report isn’t accurate at all. Christina has been very professional on set. We’ve even seen the ‘mom side’ of Christina. Everything has been going really smooth filming The Voice, and all the judges are excited at its success.”

Recently, Christina was said to be bashing Lady Gaga while the cameras weren’t rolling. Now we don’t have a tendency to believe too much idle gossip, but we believe there is a grain of truth to some of the rumors out there. What do you think?

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