Christina Aguilera is a happy diva

Christina Aguilera is happy and proud to be a diva, so she says. She says that she wears the diva branding because she isn’t afraid to express her opinions.

She said, “As for a diva, I’m not the type of woman who can be told what to do. I have my own mind, my own ideas and my visions. I wouldn’t say I’m difficult. I’d say assertive and sometimes that means I get the ‘bitch-card’. But if having an opinion makes me a diva then I wear my badge with honor.”

She also goes on to say that motherhood has tamed her. She added, “Motherhood has definitely made me more chilled out. But I also think that people had me wrong. I’m actually quite shy. When I first meet people it takes me a moment to warm up. I’m not the social butterfly who can walk into a room or be at a party and start a random conversation. I’m sort of awkward with that sort of thing.”

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