Christina Aguilera Marrying Matt Rutler?

Christina Aguilera Marrying Matt Rutler?

Rumor has it that Christina Aguilera might just be engaged to her boyfriend, Matt Rutler!

Yes, this story is coming from Star magazine, which means we should take it with a grain of salt, but let’s just pretend that they’re right for a minute…shall we?

According to Star, “The ink is barely dry on her four-month-old divorce, but Christina Aguilera is already planning to secretly marry her boyfriend.”

Interesting. Why do it in secret? It’s not like people like us won’t find out, right? We’re sneaky like that.

A pal of hers said, “Christina is telling us that she’d love to marry Matt. She’s absolutely consumed with him and can’t stand to be apart for even a minute. She began talking about marriage within months of splitting with Jordan.”

Reportedly, their wedding ceremony will be very low-key, as opposed to her first marriage, which she spent a ton of money on.

Do you think this is BS? Is Christina so “consumed” with Matt that she just wants to run off and marry him in secret? Thoughts?

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