Christina Aguilera’s 49 Pound Weight Loss Covers Life & Style Magazine

Christina Aguilera's 49 Pound Weight Loss Covers Life & Style Magazine

Singer and coach on The Voice Christina Aguilera underwent an amazing body transformation. As you may recall, Christina took a year off from her duties on the hit talent competition in order to promote her newest album, Lotus. During that time, she also lost a lot of weight and we must say, she looks fantastic!

The smaller inset photo shows Christina at her reported heaviest at 155 pounds. Now, they also have a shot of her at her new weight. The magazine reportedly has details on how the singer/television personality lost 49 pounds. From the magazine:

Bullied and humiliated over her weight, Christina fights back and gets her sexiest body ever. They have details on her no-starve, wine-friendly diet. In addition, she has some delicious fat-burning snack that we’ll be privvy to — along with her sweat-free leg toning trick.

She looks great and is still one fantastic singer. Kudos to her, it must have been a hard journey for her, but like we’ve said, she looks great!

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