Christina Aquilera – The New Wedding Singer!???

….and the hits just keep on a coming!

It has been reported that due to DISMAL record sales, and lacklustre concert ticket sales (resulting in a canceled tour), that former pop superstar CHRISTINA AGUILERA has taken to doing weddings and bar mitzvahs to make ends meet.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!

I just love to see things like this happen… I know, I’m awful! But who cares!?? What AGUILERA needs to do, is get some ORIGINAL ideas for a change… quit copying BRITNEY, or MADONNA, or most recently LADY GAGA!

They are all better at what they do than she is, end of story. I mean the girl definitely has a great voice, but she’s SO irritating! I swear I wanna shoot myself every time I hear her!

She was apparently trying to charge £1.3 Million  per gig. HA! That’s totally laughable! I’m glad her hubby Jason Bratman had the sense to convince her she’s not worth more than £157,000.

I wish her well in her new career. Adam Sandler made it look like SO much fun… LOL!


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