Christina Milian to file for divorce from The Dream

Terius ‘The Dream’ Nash was spotted on a beach hanging out “close” with someone who is not his wife, Christina Milian. The duo have been married since September 2009 and share one daughter, five-month-old daughter, Violet.

It’s only a matter of time before Christina issues a statement that they are divorcing, unless it’s fine with her that her husband is romping around on a beach with some other woman. That didn’t take long at all for him to reveal his true colors.

On a side note, we know it’s a beach, but he definitely needs to put his shirt back on. He’s showing way too much skin.

[Note: Image removed per request, but you can view them here]

Update: They just announced that they have been separated since late 2009, but have kept it quiet to protect their daughter.

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