Colin Firth won’t be changed by The King’s Speech Oscar win

Colin Firth won't be changed by The King's Speech Oscar win

Colin Firth recently won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in The King’s Speech, but his wife Livia says that his success won’t change him.

She said, “We’re not moving to Hollywood, we’re going back home and he’s still the man I married. He’ll still put the bins out and leave his socks on the floor. It’s just now he has an Oscar and that is amazing.”

She went on to reveal, “My plan is to rest, relax with my husband, go home, be happy. And we’ll be back next year when Colin will present an award.”

She also said that even though they are a normal couple, she really enjoyed the Oscars ceremony and the after parties. She added, “If I close my eyes and think of the night it is seeing him on stage. I was so happy, so proud. It was something neither of us ever really believed would happen. I danced next to Madonna. It’s surreal because all these famous people, everyone you can think of, are around you.”

And it’s well deserved! That has to be the best movie of the entire year. Don’t you agree?

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