Colorado Shooter James Holmes Charged With Murder

Colorado Shooter James Holmes Charged With Murder

Colorado shooter James Holmes has been charged in the shooting spree that took place in Aurora on July 20, 2012. He murdered twelve people as he opened fire and injured 58 others during the killing spree. Today, prosecutors have charged him with 24 counts of murder – two counts of first degree murder for each slain victim. One of the charges is for intending to cause harm and the other was because he acted with an indifference to human life.

In addition, he was charged with 116 counts of attempted murder, one count of possession of explosives and another count for committing a violent crime. For his crimes, he could face a minimum sentence of life in prison and could be eligible for the death penalty. “People” magazine reports:

Holmes appeared in court and reportedly exchanged a few words with his attorneys but did not enter any pleas. He, otherwise, didn’t speak and appeared emotionless.

During the hearing, Colorado District Court Judge William Blair Sylvester set aside a week in November for a preliminary hearing, as well as an Aug. 16 date to hear a motion that Holmes’s attorneys filed seeking to learn whether or not police or prosecutors leaked information about a notebook Holmes allegedly sent to a University of Colorado psychiatrist detailing his plans for the attack.

So heinous. In this tragedy, as we’ve said before, let’s focus on our remembrance of the victims.

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