Comparing Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig – When you just can’t decide what’s right for you

Comparing Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig - When you just can’t decide what’s right for you

The battle of the pre-packaged diet foods is on. Is there really one that tastes better or works better than the other? There are so many diet programs out there that it seems impossible to choose the right one these days, and I think it really comes down to a matter of…..taste. Not only that but it comes down to price, convenience, effectiveness, and so forth. That’s why were going to talk today about the differences and similarities of the Nutrisystem Diet and Jenny Craig. On the surface they have a lot in common, but really they’re quite different so it’s good to research each one before deciding how you’re going to lose the weight for good.

To begin, Nutrisystem is just cheaper, you don’t have to find a counselor if you don’t want to, and you eat more frequently throughout the day. That being said, it’s arguable that Jenny has higher quality food at a higher price. If you think you’ll need some extra hand holding on your weight loss journey, then Jenny might just be for you. The real benefit of Jenny is talking to a live person about your goals and issues. Everyone has fear when starting a new diet program, and with a counselor you can talk through these fears and figure out how you can move forward and lose that weight for good.

Both Jenny and Nutrisystem have some pretty high profile celebrities that have had success on the diets, but it’s important to see who sticks around for the long haul. To choose which plan is right for you, you need to know your budget and know which plan has menu options that are more suitable to your tastes. The best way to check these details is online. Both diets have tremendously accessible sites that you can visit 24/7 to get all your questions answered. If you need something super easy and don’t want to deal with meetings and so forth, then it seems Nutrisystem is more up your alley, but if you want more of a hands-on approach, and you need extra guidance, Jenny might be your answer. Talk to friends that have tried either approach and get their opinions as well. See if there are any special deals, promotions, or coupons for either program. For Jenny Craig deals check For a Nutrisystem discount code see Also, is there a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied? Can you do a free trial period of two weeks? These are all important questions to ask.

In the end, people have had success on both programs, and one of them is sure to work for you if you are finally committed to dropping those pounds, eating less, and getting healthy. Both programs are accessible, and offer nutritious meals mailed to your door. Try Nutrisystem for a month, then try Jenny for a month. After these trial periods, evaluate which is a better fit for your life right now, which has food that you like better, and gives you the support you need to accomplish your goals. It’s worth it to take the time to make these important evaluations.

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