Cory Monteith’s Room Had Cocaine And Prescription Drugs In It

Cory Monteith's Room Had Cocaine And Prescription Drugs In It

Details surrounding the untimely death of Glee actor Cory Monteith are slowly starting to trickle out. Drugs were rumored to be the cause of his death, but so far there has yet to be any confirmation of that. Now, we’ve learned that there was cocaine along with prescription drugs in Cory’s Vancouver hotel room when he died.

Blind Gossip reports:

They found c*caine and pills (that were not prescribed to him) in his hotel room. Here is what they will find in his system: alcohol, c*caine, Vic*din (a hydroc*done/acetaminophen combination painkiller), Xanax (a benz*diazepine used to treat anxiety and insomnia), and Perc*cet (an oxyc*done/acetominipin combination).

There may have been other things. Those are the things we know he had taken in the day or so prior to his passing.


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