offers Courteney Cox $1 Million

Courteney Cox has been offered a cool million to become the new face of, a website dedicated to hooking up cougars with some cubs.

For that million dollars, all she has to do is do 12 radio advertisements, appear in a total of four television spots and make at least 30 public appearances for the brand.

The contract says that they will pay out the million in quarterly installments of $250,000, at the end of every quarter.

TMZ reports:

But there’s a catch — CL would reserve the right to fire Cox if she gets arrested or “conducts herself in a manner that brings herself into disrepute.”

So far no word on whether CC plans to sign.

This is totally a publicity stunt. If they were serious, it would be more money and less appearances. Of course, she’s not going to be doing this.

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