Could Jon Stewart Be Leaving The Daily Show For Brian Williams’ Job?

Jon Stewart Replacing Brian Williams

I’m going to start off by noting that this is all speculation and for the most part a theory created by media conspiracy theorists. With that being said, there is recently speculation that Jon Stewart could be leaving the Daily Show to take over for Brian Williams at NBC Nightly News.

The theory started this week when Brian Williams revealed that he was going to take a “six-month timeout” following his Iraq lie. Almost simultaneously Jon Stewart revealed that he would be leaving the Daily Show in six months and would be on the market for a new job.

Even before Jon Stewart announced his big plans Rush Limbaugh predicted that NBC would attempt to hire Jon Stewart in order to create a more liberally packed news show.

NBC Nightly News is known for its serious news reporting, while Jon Stewart has spent the better part of two decades entertaining Comedy Central viewers with humor. At the same time, he is incredibly knowledgeable about world events and he isn’t afraid to head towards controversial topics. We do know that NBC at one point attempted to replace David Gregory on ‘Meet The Press’ with Mr. Stewart.

A recent poll found that 40 percent of Americans believe Brian Williams should quit permanently. However, Williams still has support from approximately the same number of people. He has also been viewed largely as a well balanced reporter and hiring Jon Stewart would most certainly give NBC a far more liberal figurehead at the helm of the Nightly News program.

For now all we have are conspiracy theories and speculation, but Jon Stewart as the head of the Nightly News would definitely be an interesting change.

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