Courtney Love blasts John Mayer over Playboy interview

In an interview with Playboy magazine, John Mayer referred to ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson as “sexual napalm” and said that she was crazy in the sack.

Now, Hole singer Courtney Love has something to say about it…Now that the fuss has died down some. On her official Twitter page, she said, “Do you ever feel like spite hate fucking John Mayer. Just to put him in his place, he’s a better guitarist than me but not better in bed! Say your fucking John Mayer totally throwing him around the room in bits and then you just BAM punch him in the face? good times… Mayer’s a little bland for me and youngish. I’ll do young, but he’s neither Yale Harvard Oxford and he’s not really rock, so not for me.”

Anything to get the media spotlight, eh Court?

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