Courtney Love denied from using Hole name

courtney_love_deniedCourtney Love has been teasing her fans with new album, “Nobody’s Daughter”. She was supposedly set to put it out in the beginning of 2009. She recanted and said that she was going to be releasing the album under the Hole name.

She is being denied the privilege of using the Hole name for her new release due to a contract that she signed with its original members when they all disbanded.

Ex-bandmates Melissa Auf der Maur and Eric Erlandson knew nothing about the reunion and he says there won’t be one, without him.

He said, “We have a contract. She signed a contract with me when we decided to break up the band, which was like 2002 or something, so I really don’t have comment on it except that I know my part in that band. The way I look at it, there is no Hole without me. To put it blunt. Just on a business level. Somebody told me and it just sounds like something…it just sounds like the usual. I love her a lot and I wish her the best, and I’m open to discussions regarding the real Hole, and if she has a solo album together, I think that’s great. I think she should finish it and put it out and do that.”

So how many of you think she’s stalling?

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