Courtney Robertson Pregnant?

Courtney Robertson Pregnant?

The Bachelor winner Courtney Robertson and the former Bachelorette Ashley Hebert are side-by-side on the cover of the latest issue of Reality Weekly.

Now that we know that Courtney has moved in with her fiance Ben Flajnik, the tabloid is suggesting that she is also pregnant with their first child. In addition to that, they are also announcing Ashley’s pregnancy with her fiancee, J.P. Rosenbaum. He joked about her being pregnant during the After The Final Rose special for Ben and Courtney. She quickly debunked the statement, telling him that’s how rumors get started.

Still, it would be cute if Ashley and J.P. worked out in the long-term and had a baby together. They seem like a genuine couple, unlike Ben and Courtney. All throughout season 16 of the show, we were wondering what was wrong with Ben for wanting to pick someone like Courtney. Is he really that shallow? Apparently so, because he chose this vapid twit to move in with.

So are Courtney and Ashley really expecting their first babies? Or is this cover just a bunch of hokey?

Also featured in this issue are Kim and Khloe Kardashian and their feud. Why are they warring? In addition, the magazine claims to have the real reason Bear Grylls was fired from the Discovery Channel. Lastly, they’ve got inside secrets from the set of Fashion Star.

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