Courtney Robertson’s Sex Tape Worth $1 Million To Vivid Entertainment

Courtney Robertson's Sex Tape Worth $1 Million To Vivid Entertainment

Last week it was rumored that The Bachelor’s frontrunner Courtney Robertson has a sex tape that was filmed with her former boyfriend, Cavan Clark. Since, she’s said to be worried that he is going to release the footage of the tape to the public. An insider said, “It’s pretty dirty. There are photos too. But it isn’t Cavan’s style to release them.”

Another insider revealed, “She’s worried about her ex exposing secrets about her.”

She ditched Cavan so that she could appear on The Bachelor…I wonder if Ben Flajnik knows about any of this?

Of course if the show doesn’t work out, she can always release her sex tape with Vivid Entertainment. Just ask head honcho Steven Hirsch, who says that her sex tape is worth a million bucks.

He said, “There is no doubt that Courtney is the hottest girl on the show. We would definitely like to buy an existing tape, or if she prefers, produce one with her. This tape could definitely be worth as much as $1 million.”

Courtney has yet to confirm whether or not the tape exists, but sources say that she only fooled around for the camera, but there is no actual “sex tape”.

Let’s hope there isn’t a tape, that is, if she has any self respect.

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