Crossing Lines comes to LOVEFiLM

Crossing Lines comes to LOVEFiLM

The global crime drama Crossing Lines is now available in the UK. The series premiered in the USA this June and LOVEFiLM were excited to snap it up on an exclusive contract for their instant streaming service customers. Crossing Lines is an action crime series that is set against a global backdrop. The series examines the International Criminal Court (ICC) charter to create a specialised unit who investigate crimes which cross borders, track down the criminals involved and seek justice.

There are many personal stories at play here too, from a disgraced NYC police office to the bereaved father who wants to avenge his murdered child. The unit seemingly have little in common with one another. Even so, they have to put their personal feelings aside to work in dangerous, and even life threatening conditions in order to work towards a better world. This quest for world harmony is mirrored within the unit itself, creating some tense and exciting scenes between the characters. Tensions in this unit are often frayed and that leads to an emotional and gripping drama.

Crossing Lines, created by American network NBC, has a distinctly European crime drama feel to it. Perhaps this is to be expected given the mandate and international status of the team. The series has been described as more like a gritty British crime drama than a traditional American action series. As a result, it is perhaps not surprising that the show has gathered more media praise and higher ratings with European audiences than in its American home.

Crossing Lines has a stellar cast, with acting heavyweights Donald Sutherland and William Fichtner at the helm. Its pedigree is further enhanced by its creator, the acclaimed producer of Third Watch, Edward Allen Bernero. Benero’s Third Watch was an Emmy Award winner and he was also behind the Emmy nominated Criminal Minds. It’s clear that Benero understands what makes great, and critically acclaimed, crime dramas.

Simon Morris, Chief Marketing Officer at LOVEFiLM, said: “We’re really excited to bring such an innovative show to audiences in the UK. We love the authenticity and international aspect of “Crossing Lines” and following its positive reception in the States, Germany, Italy and France we think it will be a great fit with our members.”

The second series of Crossing Lines is already in production and features the original cast, plus some new members. With a budget of approximately 3 million dollars per episode the show looks likely to bring more of the exotic locations and big action set pieces that made series one so popular with fans. [See!the-show/ck0q]

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