Crystal Harris Covers Playboy’s July 2011 Wedding Issue (PHOTO)

Crystal Harris Covers Playboy's July Wedding Issue

It appears that Crystal Harris did a little more damage than she may have wanted to when she left Hugh Hefner five days before they were set to get married. The new issue of Playboy magazine features Crystal on the front cover, wearing Hef’s signature smoking jacket and his captain’s hat, with the title, “America’s Princess: Introducing Mrs. Crystal Hefner”.


In addition to that, the Lifetime Channel was set to film the wedding for a television special. Reportedly, Crystal was looking for a huge payday and was going to leave him at the altar this Saturday right in front of the cameras. She was looking to get a $500,000 payout for that, but she didn’t have any luck.

A source said, “Crystal wanted to ditch Hef at the altar. Her plan was to walk up the aisle and say she couldn’t go through with it. The wedding was to be filmed for a reality special, and her refusal to marry him would be a sensation. She was looking for a tie-in deal of around $500,000 for the exclusive ‘I ditched Hef at the altar’ interview. While there was interest, Crystal didn’t get an offer anywhere near half a million.”

She is just a terrible person for doing this to him like she did. Hef should just marry Holly. What do you think? And on a side note, if a store near you happens to have the newest copy of Playboy, save us a copy — it might turn into a collector’s issue!

Update: We’ve gotten the photo of the cover of the upcoming issue:

Crystal Harris Covers Playboy's July 2011 Wedding Issue  (PHOTO)
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