Crystal Harris Lied About Hugh Hefner Relationship?

Crystal Harries Lied About Hugh Hefner Relationship?

Crystal Harris talked to Howard Stern in a recent interview and told him how much she would always care about ex-fiancee, Hugh Hefner. What she also said was that the sex only lasted two minutes and that she was NOT turned on by Hef. Them’s some fighting words!

Crystal famously left Hef just a few days before they were set to become man and wife. Now, the Playboy mogul has had enough! He’s hitting back at reports that she was grossed out by their sex life.

He took to his official Twitter account to say, “Crystal did a crazy interview with Howard Stern today that didn’t have much to do with reality. Is she trying to impress a new boyfriend?”

He went on to say, “The sex with Crystal the first night was good enough so that I kept her over two more nights. Crystal lied about our relationship on Howard Stern but I don’t know why.”

Crystal is such a class act, isn’t she? The relationship seemed real to Hef, but to her, it was all manufactured, we think. Heck, right after the wedding was canceled, she couldn’t make it to the pawn shop fast enough to try and hock the engagement ring. So classy, that one. Hef really dodged a bullet there, didn’t he?

He should call Holly!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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