Crystal Harris Parties In Las Vegas With Heidi Montag (Photo)

Crystal Harris Parties In Las Vegas With Heidi Montag (Photo)

Bubble-headed bleached blondes stick together!

A newly single Crystal Harris spent her weekend partying in Las Vegas with Heidi Montag, instead of spending Saturday afternoon marrying Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner.

Apparently, the bunny wasn’t too far off of her mind, as she perused the July issue of the magazine, featuring her with the caption, “Mrs. Crystal Hefner”. She also got a copy of the magazine minus the newly added “Runaway Bride” sticker.

Of course, when Heidi is involved, every little pose becomes a photo shoot. So, obviously Crystal picked the right person to party with to show that she’s totally over Hef.

Still, though, she’s a heartless beast. She was rumored to be planning to leave him at the altar, in front of cameras, for a whopping $500,000.

Of the getaway, Crystal said, “I’m doing okay. I just had to get away. Today is the day and I just had to get away. I’m going back tonight so I just wanted to get away for the day.”

Ugh. At least she broke things off before she married him. Good riddance to bad rubbish, right?

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