Crystal Harris Shows Off Hugh Hefner’s Engagement Ring (Photo)

Crystal Harris Shows Off Hugh Hefner's Engagement Ring (Photo)

Crystal Harris has taken to her official Twitter account to show off her new engagement ring from “Playboy” mogul Hugh Hefner. She tweeted, “My beautiful ring from @hughhefner” along with the above photo.

If you’ve forgotten, Crystal skipped out on her first scheduled wedding to Hef just last year. She took off and got the engagement ring appraised right before selling it off. She partied it up in Las Vegas with Heidi Montag and trash talked Hef to Howard Stern.

Have things changed that much since? She did try to make it as a singer, but that didn’t quite pan out like she’d hoped. He’s 86 and she’s 26, what could possibly go wrong?!?? Ha. We mean besides everything…

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