Cy Waits defends Paris Hilton with a gun

Paris Hilton’s boyfriend, Cy Waits, is her knight in shining armor!

When Paris’ home was nearly burgled by an intruder wielding two knives, Cy sprung into action — with a gun!

We’re told that Paris and Cy heard loud banging noises coming from outside of the home at 6:30 a.m. Tuesday. Cy says that he saw the assailant and pulled a gun on him until the police arrived.

TMZ reports:

Cy immediately went outside — with his weapon drawn — and ordered Parada to drop the knives and lay on his stomach. We’re told Cy kept his gun pointed at Parada until cops arrived.

Law enforcement sources also tell us Parada told cops that he had purchased a Star Map on Hollywood Blvd. hours before the incident … because he wanted to find out where Paris lived.

He’s her hero now….she’ll probably marry this one. What do you think?

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