Da Brat got 3 years for hitting that chick in the head with a bottle

Da Brat
[Image Credit: Heka Media via Flickr]

Da Brat was tossed into jail for three years for hitting some broad in the face with a bottle at a party in Georgia.

She pleaded guilty to aggravated assault and the judge threw the book at her. Her victim, Shayla Stevens, caught the wrong end of a Rum bottle which resulted in a large scar face. Heh. (Yes, I went there, but what do you want, it’s midnight.)

I don’t feel bad for da brat, she should’ve known not to hit that chick in the face with a bottle.

That brings a song to mind…check it out….

I don’t fight
I don’t argue
I just hit that chick with a bottle

Okay, I’m delirious now, it’s bedtime.

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