Danielle Staub’s lesbian fling was a publicity stunt

Danielle Staub was reportedly hooking up with Lori Michaels, but it’s been said that the whole thing was just a publicity stunt.

A friend of the ladies says that their lesbian relationship was merely a stunt to gain media attention. The source said that they were physical with each other, but they were never a real couple.

A friend said, “They were not a couple. Did they have a connection? Yes. Was it very strong through work and song? Yes. Did Danielle feel more? Yes. Did she indicate that to Lori? Yes. But Lori was never going to put herself in a place where she was going to run away with Danielle.”

Radar Online reports:

“It became a complicated relationship,” the friend added about Lori and Danielle. Danielle’s an all-or-nothing person and maybe it’ll have to be the nothing because Lori’s not dealing with the all.”

There you have it!

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