Danny Gokey glasses are a scam

danny_goke_frames_direct_fraudDanny Gokey has just informed all of us that he is in no way affiliated with anyone who’s claiming to sell glasses on his behalf, and even goes as far as calling them all a scam.

Apparently FramesDirect was trying to pass off a Gokey endorsement for their line of glasses that look like his, but Gokey tweeted about it yesterday to let us know not to buy into it.

He said:

Many companies r claiming 2 partner w/ Sophia’s Heart (clothes, eyewear, ect).They r all SCAMS. We have not seen 1 penny nor been contacted

Also on the record deal front, Gokey lets us know not to fret, it’s coming:

A lot of u are asking about a record deal. I ask you to please b patient, there R things in the works as we speak! I’ll keep u informed

And there you have it!

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