Darkmiracle – A Miracle It’s Not!

So, I must’ve been in a drunken stupor, or just overly tired from working all day when I added these tools to my myspace page. What on earth was I thinking?!? I watched the video, “The Drama”, prompted by this bulletin:

Vote For Darkmiracle @ Fuse Steven’s Untitled Rock Show!!
Just click down there and vote for our music video of “The Drama” tell all your friends!! :)

Rock on!!


Fuse.tv vote for Darkmiracle

Boy, was I mistaken…Darkmiracle is the suck. I felt like Beavis in the beginning of the song, thinking to myself, ‘when is this going to get cool? heh-heh”
No go. You get no love from me. Darkmiracle is now dead to me, with all of their sucky glory.

The Good: They’re unsigned. The radio should not be tormented with this blaring nonsense.
The Bad: The whole package.
The oh-god-my-ears: This guy’s voice, is he tone deaf?

This is the first official entry into Earsucker’s World of Suck. Enjoy…or not.

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