Dave Mustaine cares about his fans

I wrote about how Dave Mustaine was/is looking for personal assistants via his forums two month ago. One fan was more than happy to oblige by winning the opportunity to be Dave’s go-to guy for a day.

He recalls his story here, and from what I see Dave Mustaine cares about his health, the band’s show, and his fans.

Here’s a snippet:

What does he do… grabs some food and sits right across from me. The first words out of his mouth
are an apology to me for when I knocked on the door at 5:00pm to get some CD’s signed and he not realizing it was
already 5:00pm. This is the first of many conversations and exchanges I witness throughout the evening that shows
the kind of person Mustaine really is to his fans. Kind, considerate and humble. Let’s call it what is… Dave’s the
frontman for one of the most famous metal bands of all-time and he didn’t have to even acknowledge who I was…
let alone apologize to me and make sure I felt a part of the team.


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