David Letterman Makes Sexist Joke On Late Night TV

David Letterman Makes Sexist Joke On Late Night TV

David Letterman is very publicly known for his many indiscretions and sordid affairs with female staff members. After being blackmailed into confessing, he insisted it made him want to be a better person and a better husband.

However, his audience this Monday was allegedly shocked into silence when he resurrected a line better left alone. His first joke of the night, attempting to warm up his crowd, is a line credited to 1930’s screenwriter Wilson Mizner. When asked by a college student what advice he would give to this year’s graduates, Letterman said, “Treat a lady like a whore, and a whore like a lady.”

When the line was met by obvious unease, he attempted to cover himself by telling the student to eat more salads and be nice to everyone. Perhaps drawing comedic inspiration from a man who was alive during the beginning of the women’s rights movement, in a world struggling with equality and rape culture, wasn’t such a good idea.

The show went on to feature guests John Travolta and Amy Schumer. Also taking things a bit far, Schumer, well known for her antics, lifted her skirt to flash Letterman stating everything down there was as it should be. The 67-year-old host, who has over 6,000 episodes and more than 20 years under his belt, is set to retire later next month. With Mr. Ed Sullivan rolling in his grave, perhaps that date can’t come fast enough.

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