Debbie Rowe To Testify About Michael Jackson’s Drug Use

Debbie Rowe To Testify About Michael Jackson's Drug Use

We all know by now how much Michael Jackson loved his “milk” (ie: Propofol), so it’s not a surprise to many that he was really into some shocking drug use. His former wife/partner Debbie Rowe is set to testify in Katherine Jackson’s wrongful death trial about just how far Michael went to get his fix.

Her testimony could damage the Jackson’s case against the music giant, but she will tell the court how much of a hardcore drug user the King of Pop really was. Reportedly, in court, Rowe will point the finger at Jackson’s former doctor Arnie Klein. Whenever Jackson walked into his office for any type of procedure, he had an apparent standing order for Demerol and Vistaril.

Rowe will also say that Jackson kept his hardcore drug use a secret from her. TMZ has more:

Rowe will say she saw Michael on TMZ coming out of Klein’s office days before he died — looking totally out of it. We’re told she will say she called Klein after Michael died and said, “What the f**k did you give him? He’s dead and it’s your fault.” She then hung up on him.

Rowe’s testimony will further help AEG because she’ll say she had no idea Michael was secretly going to surgical offices specifically for the purpose of getting high and going to sleep.

She’ll also say she’s the only person in Michael’s world who could control him — that she’s the only one (including Michael’s family) who would say “NO.”

What do you think about the testimony that will be heard in court? Would it help or hurt the Jackson family’s case against AEG? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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