Def Leppard Members Mourn The Loss Of Dick Decent

Def Leppard Members Mourn The Loss Of Dick Decent

Members of British rock sensation Def Leppard are mourning the loss of their long-time friend and occasional keyboard player, Dick Decent. Dick wasn’t a regular member of the band, but sometimes joined them on stage in the U.K. to play on their hit song “When Love & Hate Collide”.

In November 2011, the band announced that they were holding a benefit for the keyboardist. From their official website:

To a lot of Def Leppard fans, especially those in the UK, the name DICK DECENT should ring a bell. If you haven’t heard of him, Dick is a good friend of the band and the guy who usually joins Def Leppard on UK stages to play keyboards during “WHEN LOVE & HATE COLLIDE”. He also has a history of playing with Joe and Phil in their 2000-2001 CYBERNAUTS project.

Unfortunately, Dick has been struck down with very nasty side effects from a prescription drug called Ciprofloaxin. Since then, Dick has been unable to work either at the university where he lectured, or on stage with the many bands that he had toured with previously. Daily life has become a nightmare of pain. Most days he is unable to even walk the pain is so severe.

Dick’s friends and collegues have decided it is time to step up, and they are organizing a gala event on Sunday, December 4 at the Roadhouse in Birmingham, to raise money for Dick and his family to continue to fight this life changing disease. From mid afternoon, bands will take to the stage to perform and give their time to help their fallen comrade as well as raise awareness of the effects of the drug group known as Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics. All proceeds will go to Dick and his family.

Vivian Campbell released the following statement with regard to Dick’s passing: “It is with great sadness that I heard of the passing of Dick Decent, super-talented musician, friend and occasional keyboard player for Def Leppard. He was a young man and he should have lived a lot more life. Our time is short and never fully in our control. Live well and be good to each other.”

Rest in peace Dick Decent, your contributions will not be forgotten. You can read about his ordeal with Fluoroquinolone antibiotics here at his official blog.

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