Demi Lovato Dates Mature Men

Demi Lovato Dates Mature Men

Demi Lovato has really grown since going to rehab and dealing with her issues. So much, that she has even changed the type of men that she is attracted to. Now, she says that she will only date a man mature enough to deal with all of her emotional complexities.

She is a mere 21-years-old, but says that she will only allow herself to take part in a relationship with a guy who can help her manage her mental health. She said in a new interview, “I would be slightly overwhelming for somebody who is not at a level of maturity to support me mentally.”

As you already know, Demi has had several high profile boyfriends, including Joe Jonas and Wilmer Valderrama. She has said that it is always a struggle when the relationship is at its end, but it’s even worse when the relationship ends in the public eye. She revealed, “The problem when you go public with a personal relationship is that when it ends, it ends publicly as well.”

She also said that she plans to be a “beacon of hope for the next generation.”

She added, “When you are no longer hiding anything, you don’t worry about what is going to get out. I don’t care who knows about my life, and now that I am an open book, a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Now that she has revealed what type of man she is looking for in her life, who do you think she should date next? Who would be mature enough to help her deal with her mental health? Thoughts?

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