Demi Lovato & Her ‘Heroin’ Cell Phone (Photo)

Demi Lovato & Her 'Heroin' Cell Phone (Photo)

It’s interesting what people will find when they zoom in on photos of celebrities. Take Demi Lovato, for instance. Now she’s the one who claimed that she went to rehab for emotional issues, which happened to be an eating disorder and cutting.

But what’s interesting is that she’s got a little note to self on her cell phone about HEROIN! I thought Demi wasn’t a junkie?!? There were rumors that she was fond of cocaine, but we had no idea that she dabbled in heroin (or not — lawyers, please don’t sue us.)

Hey, at least if she doesn’t claim a drug problem, then she can still bounce back with her Disney audience, right?

From the agency:

Disney starlet Demi Lovato made her way out of Teddy’s in Los Angeles, California on August 3, 2011. As Demi walked out she had her cell phone in hand with what looked to be a sticker message that read “Heroin Killed The Radio Star” as she picked up her car from the valet. Could this be her reminder to avoid going back to rehab?

What do you think? Why does Demi have a note about heroin on her phone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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