Demi Moore Makes Fun Of Ashton Kutcher’s Junk

Demi Moore Makes Fun Of Ashton Kutcher's Junk

Is Demi Moore miffed about getting divorced from Ashton Kutcher after he filed for divorce after they were together for six years? It would appear so if the latest rumors surrounding her newest shenanigans are to be believed.

According to the latest gossip, Demi has been sharing pictures of Ashton’s junk to her friends in order to make fun of his package. Stay classy, Demi!

We guess that we can’t really blame her for that, considering that he was cheating on her behind her back with two other women that we know of. Still, is it too much for someone to show off such revealing photos as a revenge tactic?

A source said, “Demi is still hurting that Ashton cheated and then rebounded so soon after their split. It could just be the angle, but these photos don’t leave a big impression.”

Is that evil of her to show those intimate photos off to her pals? Or did he have it all coming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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