Demi Moore’s Daughters Hate Her

Demi Moore's Daughters Hate Her

According to reports, Demi Moore’s daughters aren’t so happy with her these days. Could it be because she was basically showing her butt after things cooled off with Vito Schnabel?

Rumer, Scout and Tallulah are all said to be miffed at Demi because they are sick and tired of her constant partying. A source said, “Rumer is really the one making the decision to do this as the oldest. Around the time Bruce’s wife Emma had the baby, it was this scary sense of, ‘Demi went off her rocker again.'”

The source went on to say, “Bruce is now very much out of the spotlight and the kids were very happy about that. They started feeling that Demi needs to stay home and be more of a mother. She checked into rehab and they’d always been pushing for her to do that. After Art Basel, she came out partying and dancing on tables again. The kids are old enough to band together, Rumer being the ringleader. The family is very much divided.”

We’re not buying that they are turning on her like that….Surely they could be suffering from some embarrassment, but we’re guessing that hate is much too strong a word to describe how they feel about their mother. What do you think?

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