Demi Moore’s Problems Started Before Ashton Kutcher

Are Demi Moore’s recent troubles all because of her estranged husband Ashton Kutcher? Not so, says a close friend of the actress.

Her pal said, “This is not just about Ashton. I’m sure Ashton would like to think it’s all about him.”

Is Ashton really all that self-absorbed to think that Demi’s issues revolve around him completely? The friend went on to say, “What she’s going through now is not just things not working out with Ashton. It’s really more about the toll it takes on an ambitious woman in this town.”

The friend explains, “Meaning constantly having to prove you’re not just a pretty face, but a talented actor, as well. Constantly having to prove you’re a good mother, not just a celebutante around town who goes to parties instead of looking after her family. Having to stay sober in a town that’s so not. Demi’s had a fight in her for many years, before Ashton ever came along.”

In the end, we were curious as to whether or not Ashton helped Demi or if he hindered her in any way. The pal revealed, “Oh, help, very much so. She loved him, and he her! Don’t forget that. But this was before…trouble began.”

Photo Credit: Demis Maryannakis,

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