Desperate Housewives Recap: Episode 20 ‘Lost My Power’ 4/29/12

Desperate Housewives Recap: 'Lost My Power' 4/29/12

It’s getting closer to the end of ABC’s hit show Desperate Housewives and we’ve recapped tonight’s show right here for you. Tonight’s episode is titled Lost My Power and we’ve got the scoop on what went down.

Ben and Renee talk after she finds a subpoena for him for Bree’s murder trial. She realizes that he’s keeping a secret from her and wants to know what’s going on. They compromise with Renee telling him that she will wait until they walk down the aisle to learn the details of his secret. He tells her that her ex-husband kept secrets from her to hurt her, but he’s keeping secrets to protect her.

In the meantime, Gaby isn’t taking Carlos’ non-profit too seriously as she drops off their girls for him to take them to school. He makes twelve dollars per hour and she jokes that she made twelve dollars just listening to him tell her that. Later at the shop, Gaby lands a new client named Doris. Gaby almost ignored her, but Doris told her that she’s super rich after her tightwad husband just passed away.

Lynette goes to Tom’s office to bring him something he left at her house, but gets stopped on the way by his boss. He offers to take her out for drinks, but Lynette declines because Tom wanted to switch weekends with her. He wanted to take Jane to a weekend getaway and needed Lynette to keep the kids. To get the date with her, Tom’s boss has him working for the weekend. Ha.

Bree is going to trial for Alejandro’s murder, but the prosecution wants to make her sound like she gets around. Her lawyer, Tripp, wants to know all about her sexual history, but she is reticent to reveal such personal information. He comes to her place and starts talking about his sexual past. She loosens up, but later it’s revealed that she has a crush on him.

Gaby invites Doris over for dinner, but Carlos interests her in his charity efforts in helping addicts. Doris decides to take her wardrobe back and give her money to Carlos’ charity instead. Gaby is obviously miffed because she works on commission.

In the meantime, M.J. has a soapbox car derby for school that is only fathers and sons. Susan helps make him a red car for the derby, but he ends up pushing it in the middle of a truck that’s passing by. He doesn’t want to do the derby because he doesn’t want to get picked on for not having a dad. To help out, the men from the neighborhood come together to help him build a Corvette-like car for the race.

What did you think of tonight’s episode of the show? Are you excited for the series finale?

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