Dexter Preview: Season 8, Episode 8: Are We There Yet? 8/18/13

Dexter Preview: Season 8, Episode 8: Are We There Yet? 8/18/13

Have you been keeping up with Showtime’s Dexter? If you have, then you know that we are closing in on the ending to the series soon. Tonight on Showtime is an all new episode of the show, titled, Are We There Yet? and the official synopsis is below:

Dexter suspects that his protégé murdered a neighbor. Meanwhile, Dexter tries to help Hannah flee the country.

Dexter thinks that Zack killed his neighbor Cassie after seeing her body. He needs to teach Zack the code before he kills another innocent. Zack was angry that Dexter missed their talk, so he took it out on Cassie.


In addition, Hannah needs to leave the country after murdering her controlling husband Miles. She obviously needs a new identity other than Maggie Casner or Hannah McKay, so will Dex help her? They are obviously still in love with each other, so he probably will aid in her attempt to flee.

Will you be tuning in to Dexter tonight? Stay tuned for our recap of the show.

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