Did Lauren Alaina Leak Vocal Cords Story To Gain ‘American Idol’ Votes?

Did Lauren Alaina Leak Vocal Cords Story To Gain 'American Idol' Votes?

American Idol finalist Lauren Alaina gave everyone a scare tonight, when the news was revealed that she may not be able to perform on tonight’s performance finale. It was reported that Lauren blew out one of her vocal cords during her rehearsals earlier today.

The doctor who treated Lauren said that they gave her medicine and that she was all clear to go ahead with the performance tonight. Earlier today, she was only able to get through one song without any issue. On the second, she struggled and the third was a no-go completely.

When she performed on the show tonight, she sounded great. Even the judges thought so, with Randy and Jennifer crediting her for winning rounds two and three. Scotty McCreery was given round one and Steven Tyler thought she won all three rounds, because as he said, “She’s prettier than Scotty”.

Still, it seemed like the judges were all in favor of a win by Lauren, so we have to ask….Do you think that the story was leaked by Idol execs to give an edge to Lauren? Don’t get us wrong, we think Lauren is a great singer, but it didn’t sound like she was suffering at all during tonight’s performances.

What do you think? Are we reading too much into it? Or did they do that purposely to get her on the side of the viewing public? Perhaps they wanted to remind people that the show was on tonight, instead of tomorrow night? They did switch days…. Thoughts?

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