Did This Halloween Weekend Scare Off A Lot of The Big Studios From Making Halloween Flicks?

Did This Halloween Weekend Scare Off A Lot of The Big Studios From Making Halloween Flicks?

This past Halloween weekend 2014 did not see any, or next to any, new Halloween movies being released for the spooky season. Did the Halloween weekend scare off a lot of the big studios from making Halloween flicks? The answer to this question is apparently yes, and that is because people were probably far more interested in attending Halloween parties and going trick or treating. Seeing a Halloween movie was obviously not the thing to do this year. This holiday did seem to make virtual ghost towns out of usually packed theaters.

“Nightcrawler”, which is a sort of dark thriller, and stars Jake Gyllenhaal was the only movie offering this weekend to open in the top ten. It took in a whooping $10.9 million dollars – that is amazing.

Gyllenhaal plays the role of a very creepy type of camera man who wants to ride the local news trend out. This trend states that if it does bleed, then it is something, which does lead straight to success. The weekend estimates collected on “Nightcrawler” do show one thing and that is it’s definitely edging the horror flick called “Ouija”, which was last week’s new champ, and also an awesome horror film.

“Nightcrawler”, which is made by Open Road Films is definitely in the running with this newest horror flick, even if “Ouija” is proving to be the top box office movie as of yet for the weekend. Last weekend it was tops, and on Halloween weekend, “Ouija” ruled the box office.

It doesn’t matter whichever film wins out, because both of them do have one thing in common with each other, they both will be the lowest grossing movies since “Guardians of the Galaxy” topped the charts with an estimated $10.4 million in its sixth week after being released in early September 2014.

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