Dina And Lindsay Lohan Sue Fox News Over Cocaine Story

Dina And Lindsay Lohan Sue Fox News Over Cocaine Story

Dina and Lindsay Lohan are suing Fox News and Sean Hannity over claims that they were defamed on air. The mother/daughter duo says that the network knowingly smeared their names on Hannity’s show when they claimed that Dina and Lindsay were doing cocaine together. Oh snap.

It’s been said that the both Dina and Lindsay have done cocaine – maybe not together, but it’s a widely known fact that Lindsay has admitted to doing cocaine. Not only that, but Lindsay has also claimed that her mother Dina did cocaine when she made a frantic call to her father Michael in 2012.

On the network, Hannity and others were discussing recently deceased celebrities and the name Philip Seymour Hoffman came up. The discussion then turned to celebrities who do drugs and then they talked about who would be the next celebrity to go. Michelle Fields told the group, “Lindsay Lohan’s mom is doing cocaine with her”.

In the lawsuit filed against the network, Lindsay calls it all “malicious innuendo” despite the fact that she has admitted to doing cocaine in the past. During her time with OWN filming her docu-series, she said that she used the drug in order to prolong her nights out drinking.

The Fox News Channel has sent a letter to Lindsay and Dina’s lawyer telling them that an apology was made on air for their comments and that the network would send them proof via a DVD recording. The letter was sent out a year ago, followed by another letter which stated that the segment would be removed from the Fox website. A rep for the network said, “Our legal team has not reviewed [the lawsuit] yet so we cannot comment.”

This isn’t the first time that Lindsay Lohan has gone on the offensive in a lawsuit. She once sued E-Trade for using the name Lindsay in one of their old Super Bowl commercials.

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