Discover The True Kurt Cobain With The ‘Montage Of Heck’ Documentary

Discover The True Kurt Cobain With The 'Montage Of Heck' Documentary

Not everyone really understood the legendary Kurt Cobain and this might also be why he gained such a cult following. But with the documentary entitled “Montage of Heck” being released on May 4th, fans will get an in-depth look that apparently brought Courtney Love and the rest of the people at the Sundance Film Festival to tears.

The director of the documentary, Brett Morgan, was approached by Love to put an end to the mysteries that surrounded the life of Cobain. This arrangement will obviously stir some controversy among fans, seeing as many of them believe Love was the reason for his death and depression. As Morgan received the privilege to enter the storage container that holds all Cobain’s belongings, it became evident that the media in general had a great misconception about who the alternative rocker really was.

Putting the documentary together was definitely not easy as Morgan spent four years struggling with legal issues, not to mention the two years it took to get the story on film. The end result has led to piece of work that has been nominated for no less than six Academy awards. What makes this documentary so special you might ask?

For starters, Morgan found recordings Cobain made where he narrated and studied his own thoughts. He also found unreleased songs that were recorded during 1988. Morgan discovered that Cobain was an eager artist who expressed himself through paint, sketches and cartoons. More importantly, Cobain’s struggle to connect with the people that loved him so came to the forefront. Among the recordings the rocker shares his thoughts about his first suicide attempt at the age of fourteen.

According to critics this is a story with the most accurate depiction of Cobain and the type of person he really was, so get ready for an eye-opener.

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