Disney Looking To Layoff The “Least Cute” Jonas Brother?

Ouch! I guess that would cut below the belt! Apparently a source close to Disney says that they have seriously considered taking the layoffs to the “talent”. (Say Miley Cyrus, please someone say Miley)

Alas, no, it’s not Miley (much to my disdain). They’re reportedly looking to axe the “least cute” of the Jonas Brothers.

The insider says that the company has been “taking a hard look at ‘right-sizing’ the Jonas Brothers.”

The executive says, “If you’ve ever heard these guys live, it’s pretty clear singing isn’t necessarily their strong suit.” He adds that their vocals and enhanced and “it’d be just as easy to make two brothers sound as good – or as bad – as the three brothers sound now.”

Interesting! Sorry Kevin, get your things, you’re outta here!

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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