Do You Suffer From Seasonal Allergies?

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If you are anything like me, then you are one of the many sufferers of seasonal allergies or what Zyrtec refers to as Allergy Face.  Unfortunately, when the season strikes, mother nature is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

If you are already familiar with the term Allergy Face, then you know the symptoms.  Watery eyes, puffy face and that super annoying red nose make up what we look like for the entire season.  Little did i know, but doing my makeup a different way can really go a long way in making a difference in my appearance.  How cool is that?

Check out the infographic below:

Even better than that, Zyrtec has made a video showing us some simple tips in camoflaging Allergy Face. Just a few minutes in the morning could have you and I both looking a lot brighter and healthier throughout the day.  WATCH:

Personally, to combat the signs of allergies, I use a slightly darker shade of liquid based concealer to make my face look even-complected.  In addition, to combat watery eyes, I use a waterproof mascara to make sure that when my eyes get watery, my makeup doesn't go drifting down my face.  Lastly, I use a moisturizer in order to make sure that my red nose doesn't look all dry and scratchy.  

As someone from Ohio, I am a fan of the fall season.  It brings with it fleece sweaters, soft blankets, hoodies and the changing colors of the leaves.  With that, however, comes seasonal allergies.  If we are armed with more information on our allergies, they won't have to be so hard to deal with every changing of the season.  

TELL US: How do you combat Allergy Face?  Leave your thoughts in the comments below.  For more information on Allergy Face and how to combat that, Check out Zyrtec on Facebook.  

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