Does Miley Cyrus Want A Baby Now?

Does Miley Cyrus Want A Baby Now?

Former Disney star Miley Cyrus has been dating Australian actor Liam Hemsworth since meeting on the set of their 2010 movie, “The Last Song”. Since they have gotten engaged recently, it was said that Miley was being pushed by Liam to pop out some babies. Still, she cut him off at the knees, telling him no freakin’ way.

In a new interview, Miley said of her fiancee, “It’s good to have someone who is passionate.”

A source close to Miley revealed that the baby rumors are true. The spy said, “Miley and Liam really want to have a baby quickly.” It was said that Liam was jealous of his brother Chris having a baby and wanted one with Miley as quickly as possible.

Liam revealed his thoughts on their engagement, saying, “We’re very, very excited and happy!”

We’re going to bet that he is excited and happy, he’s engaged to one of the richest teenagers on the planet. There isn’t much room for error on that, is there?

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