Donald Trump urged Bret Michaels to sue!

Donald Trump urged Bret Michaels to sue!

Bret Michaels is suing the Tony Awards and CBS for his injuries at the awards show — all at the behest of real estate mogul Donald Trump!

He said that talks to resolve the issue broke down because they were “pretty cold”. Donald offered him the advice to sue aggressively, but Bret said that he just wanted to be compensated for work time lost due to the injuries he suffered.

He had just finished performing Nothin’ But A Good Time on the Tony Awards when a set piece ascended upon him, knocking him down. He said that there were no safety precautions in place. He went on to reveal that the show’s producers could have delayed the broadcast so that they wouldn’t embarrass him.

He said, “They never needed to show me getting hurt. They didn’t offer to pay my medical costs or anything….I’m sorry it came to this.”

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