Donny Osmond on ‘Dancing With The Stars’

91013M2_OSMOND_B-GR_04Donny Osmond really choked on tonight’s “Dancing With The Stars”. His partner, Kym Johnson, brought in Gilles Marini for a consultation while doing his version of the Tango.

Unfortunately for them, Kym suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction, where they also suffered some missteps. Donny blamed it on seeing his sister, Marie, in the audience. Bad Donny! You can’t blame family. I would’ve thought that he had it in the rehearsals…but it was just off. Hopefully dance number two won’t be so painful to watch. They scored a total of 21.

They took the stage for their next dance, the Samba. He really shook his tush on the stage and it looks like Donny’s BACK. Bruno’s right, he nailed it. On this dance, they scored 26.

For their knockout dance, Donny and Kym have chosen the Jitterbug and they did a fantastic job. It was fast-paced an cute. They garnered a score of 27.

Out of 90 possible points, they scored a grand total of 74.

Do you think Donny has what it takes to go to the finals?

Read my full recap HERE.

Image Credit: Bauer-Griffin

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